Path, Curious about Billington

I cannot say why, exactly. Perhaps it was because I, myself, had been under Billington’s knife, but I began to become intensely interested in the fate of those Ponzees upon which he had performed his experiments.

“Were all the outcomes positive? No side effects to speak of?”

“Side effects?”

“On the Ponzees?”

He smiled, but something told me that it was practiced—strained. “The side effects were minimal. Rare. Nothing to be particularly bothered about.”

“And what were they, exactly?”

“Well, occasionally the mind of the Chim would brush up against some fact or feature of the world for which its new memories could not allow. The contradictions would… Suddenly it found its memory proving inadequate to its experiences.”


“And it would go ape, as the expression runs. Yes, quite violent. In one experiment a particular Ponzee named Julius attacked four other chimps who I had taught, surgically of course, how to play piano. In each case, he bit off at least one finger, rendering them inoperable, and the entire class had to be… sold off.”

I tried to imagine what sort of miscreant would buy fingerless Chim Ponzees, but then thought better of the entire exercise.

As I mused Billington chimed in, “But enough of the chimps. Shall we pack you for your trip?”

Path, I don’t think so
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Path, Curious about Billington

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